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Tummy Tuck Surgery at Central Florida Plastic Surgery

Tummy tuck surgery (or abdominoplasty) is one of the more common surgical procedures we perform at Central Florida Plastic Surgery. Often, after a pregnancy or significant weight loss, tissue and skin around the midsection can stretch and leave someone with an unattractive bulge around their stomach. Eating fewer calories or spending endless hours in the gym, cannot always help resolve this issue.

A tummy tuck (or mini tummy tuck) removes this excess tissue and skin, while tightening the abdomen - creating a flatter, firmer belly and improving the way your clothing fits. Dr. Serra has years of surgical experience helping those in the Central Florida area, especially when it comes to removing the unwanted fat and skin around your belly.

Who are the best candidates for a tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck, or mini tummy tuck, is perfect for either men or women who are in relatively good shape, but bothered by loose abdominal skin or fat around their midsection. For women who have had multiple pregnancies and have stretched their abdominal muscles beyond the point of where they can return to normal - a tummy tuck is a great plastic surgery procedure.

Other conditions that may make you a good candidate are:

  • Stable body weight (not obese), but a protruding midsection
  • Inability to reduce the size of the stomach through diet and/or exercise
  • Not planning a future pregnancy
  • Loose skin around the midsection due to significant weight loss
  • Loose skin around the midsection from a past pregnancy

More information about the surgery itself

At Central Florida Plastic Surgery, we tailor to each individual's anatomy and goals. During a tummy tuck consultation with Dr. Serra, you will discuss the benefits, risks, costs, and other details of the procedure. We will also inquire about your medical history and general health, plus examine your midsection.

Most tummy tuck surgeries are performed using general anesthesia, while a mini tummy tuck can sometimes be performed using local anesthesia with sedation.

While we make every effort to make the smallest incision possible, a lot will depend on your anatomy and goals. Dr. Serra will design the incision to hide below the bikini or bathing suit line. The scar is relatively inconspicuous, but can often extend to both sides of the hips. This scar will fade and flatten over time, becoming less apparent. A mini tummy tuck most often results in a smaller, less visible scar, since there is less fat and tissue to remove.

Because the surgery involves muscular reshaping, a full recovery may take several weeks, depending on the individual and extent of the procedure. Discover comprehensive body contouring options.

We are confident that you will get the results you want. Dr. Serra has the experience and track record. He is a well-trusted surgeon in the Central Florida area and recognized on a regional and national level. Contact us by using the form below to learn more about the benefits of a tummy tuck and how we can help.

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