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Plastic Surgeon for Neck Lift Surgery

A Neck Lift should provide a cosmetic improvement with a natural look. The best Neck Lifts keep both goals in mind. Because the skin loses elasticity as we age, it does not behave like the skin of our youth. There is some art involved in the correction of the aging neck. A neck lift reduces skin laxity, neck bands and jowls, while smoothing the neck and jawline. Attempting to remove every square inch of loose skin, can result in over-tightening and the dreaded wind-tunnel look. Youthful skin elasticity, and the fact that there is usually less loose neck skin, are the reasons why Neck lifts performed at a younger age tend to look more natural and last longer.

This procedure is best suited for individuals who are focused on improving their neck contour but are not concerned about their face per se. This procedure is minimally invasive, expeditious and safe. It is ideal for older individuals with severe skin laxity who want significant aesthetic neck contour improvement.

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